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Wednesday Evening Adult Study

Wednesday, January 23rd - Wednesday, February 27th

6:45 pm

CLC---What Does It Mean? is the title for our Wednesday night study in January and February.  We will begin on January 9th, and conclude on February 27th.  Please sign up at the Welcome Center so we know how many to plan for.  We meet for the sessions from 6:45-7:45pm with dinner at 6:11pm.

We will spend several sessions on “C”, the person and uniqueness of Christ, his teachings, death and resurrection.  There will be several sessions on “L”,  the unique Lutheran perspective on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.  And there will be several sessions on “C”, the unique blessing of being Jesus’ disciple and the unique mission that we have here at Christ Lutheran Church.

CLC---What Does It Mean?---Many of us use the abbreviation CLC to refer to our congregation.  But what do we really mean by that?  The “C” stands for Christ and says that first and foremost we are disciples of Jesus Christ.  We are Christ-ians, followers of the one who is God in human form, come to save us and show us God’s love. 

The “L” stands for Lutheran.  We have a certain perspective on the Christian faith that is based on the teachings of Martin Luther.  We are Luther-an Christ-ians.

The second” C” stands for Church.  We are not a service club, though we do serve.  We are not a social group, though we do enjoy fellowship with each other.  We are the Church which is the body of Christ in the world, which gives us a unique mission that we are called to carry out.  (see Matthew 28:18-20.)

And all of that is defined for us in the Bible, God’s living Word, passed on to us by his original followers with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  CLC---our name describes what we are all about.  But if we are going to truly understand what CLC means, we need to read the Bible---and the Creeds and the Lutheran Confessions which explain the Bible.
Whether you are new to CLC or a lifetime Lutheran Christian, come and join us as we learn together what CLC is all about!

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